supported by the Nuffield Foundation

Seminar Series

Organisers: Professor Kenneth Ruthven and Dr Tim Rowland, University of Cambridge

Six seminars between January 2007 and June 2008

The Nuffield seminar series on Mathematical Knowledge in Teaching examined current scholarship and research bearing on how teachers' subject-related knowledge underpins successful teaching to support student learning of mathematics, and on how such knowledge can be developed and assessed. The objectives of the series were to achieve a critical conceptual synthesis of current thinking and evidence on these important issues, to establish significant professional implications, and to identify major research needs.

The Final Report to the Nuffield Foundation can be read here.

The schedule of seminar meetings was as follows:

People(Seminar 1)
Conceptualising and theorising mathematical knowledge in teaching
(11-12 January 2007 - 2 days - Cambridge)

People(Seminar 2)
Mathematical knowledge in teaching: the case of division and fractions
(18 April 2007 - Manchester)

People(Seminar 3)
Auditing and assessing mathematical knowledge in teaching
(27 September 2007 - London)

People(Seminar 4)
Mathematical knowledge in teaching: the case of argumentation and proof
(10 January 2008 - Cambridge)

People(Seminar 5)
Developing and deepening mathematical knowledge in teaching
(18 March 2008- Loughborough)

People(Seminar 6)
Formulating a research agenda on mathematical knowledge in teaching
(17 June 2008 - London)

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