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Seminar Series > Seminar 2

Mathematical knowledge in teaching: the case of division and fractions
(April 18 2007 - Manchester)

University of Manchester, School of Education (Devas Street): Room AG3

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The Programme

Paper 1: Ma, L. (1999) Knowing and teaching mathematics: teachers' understanding of fundamental mathematics in China and the United States. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Introductory remarks by:
Dolores Corcoran
Johannes Siemons

Paper 2: An, S., Kulm, G., & Wu, J. (2004). The Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Middle School Mathematics Teachers in China and the U.S. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education 7(2), 145-172.
Introductory remarks by:
Ray Huntley
Lara Alcock

Paper 3: Borko, H., Eisenhart, M., Brown, C. A., Underhill R. G., Jones, D. & Agard P. C. (1992). Learning to teach hard mathematics: Do novice teachers and their instructors give up too easily? Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 23 (3) 194-222.
Introductory remarks by:
Peter Huckstep
Sandy Peperell

Discussion Group 1: Conceptualising and theorising mathematical knowledge in teaching.

Discussion Group 2: Auditing and assessing mathematical knowledge in teaching.

Discussion Group 3: Developing and deepenning mathematical knowledge in teaching.



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